is a start up creative intelligence agency that specializes in branding and campaigning. We offer many creative solutions and services that enable our clients to promote their brand and/or product in new and innovative ways. These services include, but are not limited to, conceptions & consulting, web and graphics design, commercial filming, & product seeding.



Research. Consult. Create. Campaign .

Mission Statement

The Hierarchy intends to market itself as an alternative to the existing creative agencies in the industry. We are dedicated to promoting women in the entertainment industry and empowering female creatives, as we are an all female partnership company that prides and brands itself in being so. The Hierarchy LLC. strives to be an innovative company in the entertainment industry and pushes the creative boundaries of design, art, film, fashion, and entertainment through the use of digital, print, and broadcast media.

Our clients are to go through these steps:

Tell Us Your Story - Who are you? Explain your product and/or project in mind. What do you need help with? What services are you interested in? 

Research Analyzation - We do some research and take some notes.

Consultation - We sit with you to discuss what we researched and what our brains came up with.

Campaign- Negotiate Contracts and Start The Campaign!